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The following published expert authors have been gracious to share with us why they submitted their articles to our directory and what they got out of the experience. None of them have been paid for their endorsement.

"Within minutes I had so many publishers who picked up the article and asked me to write for them."

EzineArticles was my very first publisher. It was your patience, kindness, and enormous help that guided me every step of the way when we were all probably going bald from pulling out our hair. The fact that I still have mine on my head shows how much you were willing to work with me. No sooner than you published my first article, within minutes I had so many publishers who picked up the article and asked me to write for them, so I have so much to thank you for. I still regard your publication as the gold standard of online magazine publications.

Thanks again. Your team is what makes it such a pleasure to write for EzineArticles.com.

Connie H Deutsch


"I am in the Training Series and would never think of not continuing with these insightful sessions"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Evelyn Lerner

I have been receiving e-mails from you since I started submitting news articles to you. I can't begin to tell you how helpful they have been - you can always learn something new or get a reminder of something you learned a long time ago

I am in the Training Series and would never think of not continuing with these insightful sessions.

Thank you so much EzineArticles.com for all of your help!”

Evelyn Lerner


"I have been writing for EzineArticles for a few years and can definitely say that I have had tremendous results."

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Lisa Ryan

I have been writing for EzineArticles for a few years and can definitely say that I have had tremendous results. Because of my articles that have been found on EzineArticles, I have been invited to be a monthly contributor to two iPad magazines, to be the anchor speaker for an international teleseminar series, and have been asked to collaborate on a major book project.

The submission process is simple, and by paying attention to the quality guidelines that EzineArticles puts forth for their authors, my articles are accepted quickly and easily.

In my research, I have also come to rely on EzineArticles for high quality content. It was a great resource that comes up regularly on my Google searches as well.

Lisa Ryan


"... nothing works better than EzineArticles.com."

I have been writing on many article directories, but nothing works better than EzineArticles.com. It provides complete article statistics and consistent traffic. The articles I wrote a year ago are still providing me great traffic. 70% of my site traffic comes through EzineArticles.com and my articles are being published by other publishers.

Jenny J Robert


"The Most Quality Article Website"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Cindy Wydan

I have been posting articles on EzineArticles.com for quite some time. I found it is the most quality article website and it helps authors' websites to get a higher ranking on big search engines as well as boost their traffic. Their customer service is excellent too!

I would recommend EzineArticles.com to web masters who want to use "white hat" search engine optimization for their websites.

Cindy Wydan


"EzineArticles is a Great Way to Start Out"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Kisha N Rivera

I didn't know that writing and submitting an article could be this easy and exciting! EzineArticles really allows a writer to write and share great articles without hesitation. EzineArticles is a great way to start out if you are thinking about article writing. I love my EzineArticles!

Kisha N Rivera


"My Material ... Is IMMEDIATELY Out There in Cyberspace"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Francesca Salerno

I love writing my restaurant reviews and other articles without having to keep them in a drawer or go through the hugely complex process of submitting them to newspapers and magazines. I don't have the time for that.

By posting at EzineArticles.com, my material, which I edit very, very carefully, and which also gets checked out by EzineArticles' very competent editorial staff, is IMMEDIATELY out there in cyberspace, available to an audience around the globe who regularly goes to EzineArticles.com to find material for their web pages and magazines.

I'm delighted with EzineArticles. It is beautifully run and easy to use.

Francesca Salerno


"Article Marketing Is One of My Go-To Strategies"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author La'Vette D. Grice

I believe the EzineArticles is the best article based marketing platform on the Internet. They encourage new authors to be post quality articles and they have improved my writing ability tremendously. Because of EzineArticles, article marketing is one of my go-to strategies for my Internet marketing clients.

La'Vette D. Grice


"The Tips Are Wonderful"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Kerry B Johnson

I really love the work that EzineArticles does. My favorite thing I like is getting those training newsletters each week. They are simple, because folks wouldn't know what to do and the tips are wonderful.

Kerry B Johnson

"Terrific Visibility"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Nirupama N Raghavan

EzineArticles has helped me gain a lot of credibility and I have been able to get loads of writing assignments and earn good money in the process. I have been able to point prospective clients to published articles on EzineArticles.com and get some great assignments (and terrific visibility) ...

Nirupama N Raghavan

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