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  2. Your submission to EzineArticles.com gives unconditional permission for us to publish your article on the website and if featured, it may be distributed to our EzineArticles Ezine, RSS feed, and to our real-time email alerts members.

  3. Your submission to EzineArticles.com also gives unconditional permission for your articles to be reprinted in other ezines, websites and print publications. We ask publisher(s) to follow our reprint rules as stated below, but you acknowledge that the enforcement of our terms of service for publishers is at your risk and cost and not ours. In other words, if someone violates your copyright -- it will be 100% up to you to take legal action against those who abuse your copyright to protect your interests. If you do not agree to these terms, do not submit your articles.

  4. It is the EzineArticles.com Team's sole decision as to whether your article is published and for how long. There are no guarantees made that your article(s) will be published. Quality matters. We reserve the right to remove your article(s) and/or membership account at any time for any reason. After your first 30 days of membership, if you didn't submit any articles that we were able to accept and publish, we may review your account for termination.

  5. The EzineArticles.com Editorial Team reserves the right to re-classify your article in a topic category that may be more suitable than originally submitted.

  6. You acknowledge that we do not pay for submissions to our directory and we do not require publishers to pay you for their use of your article. The primary reason for submitting your article to our directory is for the chance to be picked up by ezine publishers or webmasters to be reprinted to their respective audiences. While EzineArticles.com receives many tens of millions of unique visitors monthly, there are no guarantees your article will be reprinted or viewed by anyone.

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  8. If your article does not conform to the EzineArticles editorial guidelines, our editors may edit your article so that it does conform to the posted editorial guidelines. Please read our editorial guidelines before submitting your articles to save time and speed the article approval process.

  9. You declare that you will not send in any articles with direct affiliate links in them. We reject articles with direct affiliate links. It is ok, however, to forward/redirect to an affiliate link from the top-level of a domain name you own. For example, it is permissible to forward to an affiliate link from:


    ...but it would not be permissable to forward to an affiliate link from:


    This is one of our many article quality standards.

  10. You agree to not purchase or utilize PPC (PayPerClick), PPV (PayPerView) traffic, safelists, or traffic exchanges to artificially inflate your EzineArticles traffic stats. Doing so may result in your account being terminated.

General Issues

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