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Writing an SEO Article for the First Time? Here's What You Need to Know

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Expert Author Marc Zuke

A lot of freelancers today are making a considerable amount of money by writing SEO articles. SEO articles, or search engine optimized based articles are a great way for companies to sell their products to customers in an extremely witty yet spam free way.

Unlike advertising on the corner of a web page of sending emails to potential customers that will most likely end up in their spam or junk folder, SEO based articles actually reach out to customers by providing them relevant information based on their search.

There are no set of rules that you need to follow to write a good SEO article, since there is no right or wrong way to write about a topic. However, there are some guidelines you may have to follow to use your writing skills to their largest potential.

Firstly, structure matters. Unlike traditional articles that are generally written without giving much thought to style and structure, SEO articles are a bit different. SEO articles follow a slightly different style and structure as compared to what you will generally find on the internet. You should keep in mind that the more rhetoric and persuasive your tone is, the better the outcome will be. However, an SEO article that is perfectly written is defined by one's ability to balance the tone as well as be able to give knowledge as well as area of expertise around the topic that you write on.

Another important factor that can help to improve the outcome is using an effective string of key words and key phrases that abide with the context of the article. This will make sure that the article does well on the search engine results as possible, since these keywords can help your articles get index linked to widely used search engines. Since people who search on something usually do not go beyond the first two to three pages of the search results, rankings can play a vital role. Once your article goes up in rankings, it can act as a valuable resource to drive traffic towards the company's website, as well as generate advertisement revenues to cover up any of the costs incurred in the process.

Once your article reaches to a top spot on the search engine results, a lot of effort is necessary to at least keep up the reputation if not improve it. This is considered extremely important, because fighting for a good spot on the results is nothing short of a virtual war. There are a few companies out there that deal with a product like yours, and they will go to any extent to take your spot!

SEO writing is not rocket science. The articles simply define your ability as a good writer and can show how versatile you are with your writing skills. Also, this is a great opportunity for freelancers willing to earn some extra income in their free time. As mentioned earlier, there are no rules to SEO writing but you should follow the basic guidelines. Happy writing!

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