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Use of Tasers Vs Lethal Force in Law Enforcement

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Crime has come a long way to make its root firmer in society, and has forced law enforcement agencies to take up arms against criminals. Some of the countries arm their law enforcement officials with the latest and deadly weapons, which fall in the category of lethal force. The use of tactical weapons has become necessary because crime is not just about snatching bags anymore. Crime has also become techno-savvy and criminals have started to use some of the best weapons in the market. If we look at the top 10 countries with high rate of crime then the numbers are astoundingly high.

1. Iceland 14,726.95

2. Sweden 13,455.08

3. New Zealand 12,586.64

4. Grenada 10,177.89

5. Norway 10,086.72

6. England & Wales 9,823.38

7. Denmark 9,460.38

8. Finland 8,697.37

9. Scotland 8,428.97

10. Canada 4,123.97

The above are per 100,000 inhabitants

In the United States itself, the Crime Index Rates have increased from 1,887.2 in the 60's to more than double, which are 5,897.8 by 1991 and this is per 100,000 inhabitants. In 1991, the crime rate in the US was 313% more than the rate in 1960. Crime rate in other countries of the world have also increased considerably in the last couple of decades.

For more than a few decades, law enforcement agencies in the US and in other countries across the world have been using automated weapons to fight criminals and this has resulted in loss of life on either sides. An NIJ report has confirmed that the US federal government spends approximately $75 billion on the different law enforcement agencies as well as the judicial system. Yet not all the money infused into the system has helped in protecting innocent citizens from becoming the victim. In fact, according to a report, if the overall productivity of the law enforcement agencies could be increased by 1% then it would make a huge positive impact on the crime rate in the US and will even cut down the economic loss by $700,000,000.

The question is how can the enforcement agencies fight crime effectively and without killing the criminal? The answer lies with alternative weapons, which resourceful, effective, inexpensive, and not life are threatening.

The Emergence of Taser

One of the recent problems faced by several law agencies is that of transporting hardened convicts from one prison location to another. There are times when convicts have tried to escape and in the confusion officers had to resort to using their weapons and sometimes inappropriate tactics and use of force, which cause more harm than good and even death in some cases.

This is where a Taser comes in. A Taser looks like a gun but it is an entirely different concept. It is basically a type of electroshock weapon, which can stun a subject from quite a distance. The models being used currently by law enforcement agencies are the M26 and X26. Some of the other models include the Taser C2 and the Taser M18.

The primary reason behind introducing Taser is the fact that they are non-lethal weapons that can be used by law enforcement agencies for subduing potentially dangerous and fleeing subjects like convicts. Taser can considerably reduce the usage of life threatening weapons like the service guns.

The Taser was developed initially by Jack Cover, who was a NASA researcher, in 1969. The modern day Taser can fire two small electrodes, which are connected with a main unit through two conductive wires. They are propelled into the air or towards the subject with the help of small but compressed nitrogen charges. Each of the air cartridges is equipped with two electrodes as well as enough compressed nitrogen to fire a single shot. The air cartridge has to be replaced after use.

Cartridges for the Taser are available depending on the range that you expect to achieve. The maximum range of a Taser is 35 feet or 10.6 meters, a distance at which you can fire it and catch a fleeing convict or criminal. The cartridges available for civilian use have a maximum range of 15 feet or 4.5 meters.

Once fired from the Taser, the pointed electrodes will pierce through the clothing and remain in place because of they are barbed. The latest models of the Taser including the C2 are called 'pulse' models and they can pierce through a Level III body armor vest. The Taser gives an electric shock that stuns the subject for a few minutes during which the law enforcement officers can overpower the subject and take him/her into custody.

The Taser C2

The Taser C2 is perfect for independent men and women who require an effective but not life threatening protection device. As of today almost 250,000 law enforcement officials across 40 countries are using different Taser devices including the C2. The Taser C2 is a great weapon for self-defense and is categorized under Electronic Control Devices (ECDs). It can propel wires that will stun the subject and affect the motor and sensory functions of the central nervous system. The Taser C2 is available with a replaceable cartridge that contains compressed nitrogen and two small electrodes and can fire a shot to a maximum range of 15 feet

The range of 15 feet gives the Taser a definite advantage because you can use it the moment you sense danger. You can even use it if someone snatches your bag at the supermarket and tries to flee. This flexibility in firing from a distance makes the Taser C2 an absolute weapon to have. The Taser C2 can protect you or your family from a potentially threatening situation and keep everyone safe.

The Taser C2 technology has been proven to be highly effective in laboratory exercises and in real life situation. It is considered as one of the best weapons for self-defense from a safe distance. Today there are in excess of 500,000 users of the Taser worldwide. The Taser C2 technology has also been supported by several medical reports and medical organizations that have vouched for the general safety that comes with this stun gun. There are no long-term injuries and the subject can recover completely in a matter of minutes.

What gives the Taser C2 the advantage over conventional weapons is that the discharge of electricity can affect the entire body as well as the central nervous system. The best thing is that you can fire it to any part of the body and it will do its job. According to several reports, the Taser C2 was found to be 95% effective during real encounters.. Unlike other Taser models, the Taser C2 will operate for a period of 30 seconds once activated. This special feature is primarily so that once deployed, an individual can drop the Taser C2 and have a 30 second window in which to escape to safety. To enhance this feature even more, Taser International warranties that if your Taser C2 is deployed in an attack, send them a copy of the police report describing the event, and Taser International will replace your Taser C2 free of charge. If a standard stun gun is the biggest selling item when it comes to personal self-defense, it is only because individuals have never tried the Taser.

The Taser M26C

The Taser M26C is an advanced version of this non-lethal technology. It also uses compressed nitrogen to fire two small electrodes up to a maximum distance of 15 feet. The electrodes are connected with the help of high-voltage insulated wires to the Taser M26C. When the electrodes come into contact with a subject then electrical pulses are transmitted through the wires into the body of the subject and can penetrate 2 inches of clothing.

The use of the Taser M26C over the years has become increasingly popular with civilians as well as law enforcement agencies due to its high degree of effectiveness and above all there is no bloodshed. It can be used in different situations and can save several lives. Most importantly, the number of deaths in custody, robbing, and theft has gone down due to the use of the Taser M26C. Using guns have never been as effective.

The Taser M26C has a 100% rating for effectiveness. The Taser M26 is not only considered as a better option to the automatic weapons being used by law enforcement agents but is also better than the traditional stun guns. One of the quantum leaps in the Taser M26C technology is the effective stopping power due to the use of a new and advanced Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology. The advanced Taser M26C can shoot 2 darts or electrodes using a 15 feet wire that ensures transfer of 50,000 volts to the central nervous system of the subject. What the Taser M26C really provides is an incredible power to take down almost any opponent.

As a result of its effective use, Taser devices or guns are being looked at as the next generation weapon. Soon it might replace the conventional colt, Walther, CZ 75B or other automatic handguns and weapons. The Taser is a weapon that can be used for self-defense by both civilians and law enforcement agencies. It is easy to use, more effective than conventional weapons, works at close range and removes any threat to life. Now that's a weapon of the future!

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