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Homeschooling - Prepare Your Children, Yourself and Your Home For It

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Ok, you have decided to home school your children, but you still aren't certain how you should begin the process. The first step will be setting up your house or at least a section of it to be used as a classroom. Those who are lucky enough to have an extra room to set up separately can just close the door after school is finished, and the school mess disappears. School is closed!!

Not everyone has a lot of extra space and will use their kitchen table for schooling. That works too. A bookshelf or cabinet to store all the supplies will be a necessity, or rearrange a closet with shelving to store away the books. It is the mindset that is the crucial component for homeschooling and developing the behavioral routine and self-discipline to buckle down and do the work.

Choosing curriculum and supplies that work for you and your family can take a year to sort out. Each child's strength, may be the others weakness. One may learn best through audiotapes, another likes to do sit down bookwork, and yet another may be the "ants in the pants" type needing to be physically involved with tactile learning curriculum.

Take your time and choose your curriculum wisely. Go to some homeschooling curriculum fairs. Talk with other homeschooling parents. Speak to the owners of some of the companies that supply homeschooling curriculum, they have much more experience then even the typical long term homeschooling family, because they help hundreds of families on a yearly basis. Some companies offer an evaluation of your child's learning style to optimize the material best suited for your family. Using that service can streamline the parents learning curve and save you and your child valuable time in getting going with your homeschooling.

Self-discipline, strong work ethic, and routine are key, if not critical components in your success rate with schooling your child at home. This won't happen overnight, and if you have removed your child from a public or private school to homeschool, you may have a battle of the wills for a short but rough time. Always remember, there is no such thing as a strong-willed child, only a weak willed parent. You are here to make the best decisions possible for your child in the amount of time that you have to help mold his/her character. Where child behavioral issues are concerned, prevention of negative habits is crucial and less stressful, for the parent and child.

Once the children settle into a routine, realize they can complete the same amount of work in half the time of a regular school and have more free time, they will be more than willing to get the school work completed on a regular daily basis. Mentoring your child in learning, academically as well as in life, is a rich and rewarding experience.

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