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Hold Your Breath - 14 Closely Guarded Quick Ways to Lose Weight, Finally Revealed!

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Expert Author Sarah McBrown

To make diet programs work, here are some tips you should understand before you take action. Pay attention to fourteen quick ways to lose weight below:

- Plan ahead
If you hardly find healthy menu outside (e.g. workplace), don't give up to the circumstances: prepare some meals from home.

- Check your eating habit
Observe how much snacks you consume at one time and on what occasion. Is it when you angry, sad, bored, watch television, or maybe typing? After taking notes on those particular occasions, try to counter it when it's happening. For example, if it is boredom being the trigger, you can counter it by having a slight walk in the park. If it doesn't work, try to consume healthy food instead, such as fruits and vegetables. Of course, feel free to change them into juice or pudding whenever you feel bored.

- Consume mineral water excessively
"Drink 8 glasses of water every day" is what we hear all the time. But does it have anything to do with weight loss? Well, as you know it, all functions within the body require water. A well hydrated body enables these functions to do its job quickly and efficiently. All chemical processes involve energy metabolism, so drinking plenty of water will make us feel more energetic. Not only that, it is also known to boost our metabolic rate.

- Eating before sleep
Actually there are no research being done on how eating before sleep has anything to do with overweight problem. But there's one thing you can be sure of: eating too much, consuming spicy and fatty food before sleep is bad for our health because when we sleep, the digesting organ is in the middle of absorption process. Gastric works slower.

- Limit your daily intake of candy, chocolate, cookie and cake

- Eating slowly
Human brain needs 15-20 minutes to get the satiety signal. Eating slowly will cause the gastric saturate faster so your mouth no longer wants to eat.

- Don't eat while doing something
Not only impolite, eating while talking on the phone, playing video game or worse, watching television, unconsciously make you eat more than normal. If you keep doing this, expect your body weight to go up and up because you put some calories into your body unconsciously.

- Don't forget vegetables and fruits
Food with the flavor of vegetable or fruit cannot be considered to be vegetables or fruits. The experts also drew a conclusion that candy, popcorn and crispy chips does not belong to vegetable or fruit. So start consuming five types of different vegetables every day.

- Limit the exertion of oil in cooking
Avoid cooking with deep fry. It's best to cook with grill, steam or sauté.

- Never miss your breakfast
If you think that breakfast is just to fill your stomach in the morning, think again. Breakfast has many advantages people often underrate, two of them being to give you the strength to focus and to raise the quality of the brain. Breakfast can also keep you away from eating too much at launch for you had enough in your stomach. Just keep in mind that anything done excessively will never have a good impact.

- Choose non-fat foodstuff
Get yourself accustomed to zero-fat meat. Always skin the chicken prior to processing it. You may want to consume non-fat fish also.

- Only use non-fat products
Get yourself accustomed to dairy products e.g. milk, cheese and yoghurt, with little or no fat at all.

- Watch food storage carefully
Never put snacks or high-fat foods in a place you can grab easily.

- Read nutrient's information on the food's container.

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