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Distant Healing & Practice

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Expert Author John Wayne Cargile, Msc.D, D.D.

When my mother called me with the news that doctors had found a large mass the size of a baseball in her thyroid area all of us, including yours truly, the metaphysician, jumped to the conclusion that it could only be cancer. She had biopsies done by two different laboratories. One of her doctors was a Chinese doctor, Dr. Yu. I was, of course, concerned about what this mass was, and if it was malignant. I got Dr. Yu's e-mail from a nice secretary, and emailed him to see if he practiced Qi-gong?

Qi gong ("chee-GUNG") is a component of traditional Chinese medicine that combines movement, meditation, and regulation of breathing to enhance the flow of qi (an ancient term given to what is believed to be vital energy) in the body, improve blood circulation, and enhance immune function. I never heard from Dr. Yu, so I began distant healing through my own interpretation. I put her name on prayer list, and my sister did likewise. Intercessory prayer is practiced in many Churches today.

Meditative prayer is at the heart of many healing traditions, and is present in all other forms of prayer in some measure. If you've ever "felt at one with the universe" in a beautiful natural setting, you've experienced it. It is not based on doing, but on being. The outer identity quiets and recedes and you become open to inner experience.

Distant healing can be accomplished through different mechanisms, but it has to do with the multi-sensory connection with the seat of your soul. Attaining super consciousness through prayer and meditation, I was able to send healing thoughts from my God-mind to my mother's God-mind. I imagined this light traveling to the affected region of her body, and I envisioned a reversal of this mass that the doctors had found. The top of my head felt hot, and I could feel this heat transcending and leaving my body to hers. Some ancient practices talk about this, even the Hopi Indians described distant healing in their culture. The Chinese (qi-gong), and Japanese's reiki speak much on the subject of distant healing.

Meantime, my mother, bless her 79-year-old heart, was being dragged to one doctor to another, from one biopsy to another. No news was good news. Each week she called and told me that she had to wait on test results. This went on four weeks. Dr. Yu was not certain what he was seeing from the biopsy reports, and could not give her a definitive answer. In the meantime, her prayer groups from Church prayed, and a few close friends of mine prayed for a good outcome. Thyroid cancer was not something we wanted to hear. Dr. Yu had even said that if it was malignant or non-malignant that surgery was out of the question due to where it was located and the age of my mother. Last week, the final results came. The diagnosis was that the mass was a sub sterna thyroid goiter lodged near her heart and lungs. It was not cancer, as we feared. It can be treated with radiation and iodine to reduce its mass.

Did distant healing work? Did intercessory prayer work? What do you think? We all thanked God for this light, love, power and presence in the healing event.

John W. Cargile, Msc.D, D.D.

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