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Discount Mattresses - Quality of a Discount Mattress

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Expert Author Jennifer Lynn Hanson

If you are in the market for a new bed, or specifically a new mattress, chances are you are experiencing a bit of sticker shock as you review the prices of name brand mattresses. They are definitely not cheap. Today, with the state of the economy, buying one of these name brand mattresses is out of reach because we just can't fit it into our budget. Therefore, many people are turning to discount mattresses. Discount mattresses are much less expensive, but are they good value buys?

There are two main factors to consider when reviewing a discount mattress. First, how long will the mattress hold up or how durable will it be? Obviously if it needs to be replaced six months after you bought it, it will not work out to be a good value. To get an idea of how long the mattress will last you, first look at the warranty offered by the manufacturer. What does it cover and how long is it for? Manufacturers that make low quality products will not offer significant warranties.

Read some consumer reports on mattresses to determine if a specific one is durable. You can easily find these reports online, even for mattresses that are not well known name brands. Go to commerce sites like or They offer terrific consumer reviews and reports.

The second factor to consider is the quality of the mattress. How comfortable is it and how well will it support your body while you sleep? Reading reviews and reports is also a good idea here but you should also compare the materials used to make the mattress, to the ones used to make the more expensive name brand units. How thick is the foam comparatively? How many springs are used in the box? Many discount mattresses come close in quality of materials to their name brand counterparts.

Because the purchase of a new mattress is a significant investment, you should ensure that you are confident with your choice. Sleeping on a bad mattress is miserable and can even affect your health. For help in choosing one, and more importantly finding the best possible price on the mattress you choose, visit Finding Mattresses for Less [].

It's a free online resource to help you find the best rated mattress [] in your price range.

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