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The following published expert authors have been gracious to share with us why they submitted their articles to our directory and what they got out of the experience. None of them have been paid for their endorsement.

"EzineArticles.com Has Offered a Professional and Credible Platform for Building My Brand and Expertise"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Chi Chi Okezie

I have been a member and submitting articles with EzineArticles.com for 6 years ago to the day (December 17)! As a business entrepreneur, speaker and instructor, EzineArticles.com has offered a professional and credible platform for building my brand and expertise. Many freelance writers have been able to find my online articles, request interviews, feature me in their publications and offer paid speaking engagements. I also use the articles to further connect with potential clients and add value. My second published book, through my company, is a compilation of 16 articles that I published through EzineArticles.com. I have been able to sell and promote the book through various business events.

Chi Chi Okezie


"Power of Highly Targeted Leads"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Erick B Carlson

Because of article marketing, I'm starting to see the power of exposure an author gets ... [and] I see the power of highly targeted leads that can turn into dollars. I procrastinated long enough, and realize now that it's not as bad as I thought it is. Thank you EzineArticles for creating such an opportunity for entrepreneurs who look for longevity in their niches.

Erick B Carlson


"High Standards of Customer Focus"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Steve Wickham

I would like to encourage the staff at EzineArticles, as to their professionalism, high standards of customer focus, and reliable support. Having over 4,900 articles, I've had sufficient exposure to 'rate' EzineArticles and I just commend you for the standards you uphold.

Steve Wickham


"Quality Is the Last Word"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Aroop Ratan Banerjee

The best article submission site where quality is the last word. Apart from the SEO value, the popularity, versatility of categories and agglomeration of authors attract me the most.

Aroop Ratan Banerjee

"Truly the Right Place for Building Quality Backlinks"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Mohammed Abdul Nadeem

I am truly impressed with the quality standards maintained by the EzineArticles team. Truly the right place for building quality backlinks

Mohammed Abdul Nadeem

"... seeing my byline in print was just icing on the cake."

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Steve Johnson

... I've always been a big believer in re-purposing content—re-writing and re-publishing articles into presentations, turning press releases into web content, turning web content into e-books. And a recent experiment proved the power of revising my past submissions I'd already made to a popular article directory, EzineArticles.com, and turning my words into an offline business magazine article to reach a whole new market.

By setting a realistic goal, creating a plan, following through, and a little luck, one of my articles was recently printed in a major glossy business magazine. It took a little extra marketing to make it happen. But I must admit that it was indeed a thrill to see the title of my article on the front cover of the magazine, and seeing my byline in print was just icing on the cake. ...

Thanks, EzineArticles, for providing me the tools and the great support to make this a reality!

Steve Johnson


"EzineArticles surely has worked for me."

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Patricia Weaver

I really have supported my business with my ezine articles. I appreciate that with my articles, I've been able to use them to communicate to people I want to know about me, my program, and my projects. I've gotten wonderful opportunities for speaking engagements, as well as people wanting to use my articles on their websites and in their newsletters.

This has been a tremendous boost to branding of my name, my website, and my various projects. I am looked upon as an expert on aging, someone that writes about their subject. People get an idea of what you think, as well as what you can give to their organization or on an individual basis.

EzineArticles surely has worked for me.

Patricia Weaver


"EzineArticles IS the premier article authority site on the World Wide Web."

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Stephen Monday

I must admit - when I checked my backlinks from my articles published on Ezinearticles.com, I was amazed to find hundreds and hundreds of other publishers had scooped up my content. (What great link juice this has provided to my search rankings!)

When you choose such a high competition search phrase such as: "Web sales writer," (as I did) I found that Google displays more than 240,000,000 results pages for this term.

For my Website to get the first page results (i.e. number one listing for this search phrase) is nothing short of incredible to me. This is out of nearly a quarter of a billion Web pages!

Sure, I have implemented other resources as well to help me achieve this ranking, but I know for a fact the 42 articles published here have had a lot to do with it.

This being because most of my article keywords still hold their first page search result ranking. (Some are more than two years old!)

I have no doubt - EzineArticles IS the premier article authority site on the World Wide Web.

In the online world, one has to maintain a huge digital footprint to be found on the Web. Thank you for maintaining such high standards.

Stephen Monday


"Those clever people at EzineArticles certainly have a finger on the pulse of the struggling writer."

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Karen Nazmi

I resisted submitting work to EzineArticles for some time, in the knowledge that my approaches to the best article directory in the virtual universe would only mean rejection. Knowing nothing of the form of the operation, I steered well clear and ploughed on in ignorance, honing my craft in my garret. Someone then suggested I submit something so I did - and it was accepted. I'd made the grade. Then came the accolades - with each submission: badges of honor.

Now, I'm the one who always sneered at the Oscars. I could never imagine being bowled over by being handed a doll in front of millions. Childish!

But - and I mock not, please bear with me - I am thrilled skinny. Those clever people at EzineArticles certainly have a finger on the pulse of the struggling writer.

Look at what I've got: 'In the Limelight' - a gift indeed, where else would one rather be? Darlings! Show me the red carpet!

'Photogenic Author' - mind you, my photo was taken two summers ago in technicolor glory but I gave it a dose of sepia and soft focused it. OK! twice - it hides a multitude of sins and I don't think I'd be recognized on the street from it. Not that I'm on the street much, you understand. No, I'm busy writing. 'A Wordsmith', don't you know? The EzineArticles people suggest that Shakespeare eats his heart out. And I want more accolades ... though I'll bet it's a long time before they give me Bragging Rights, I'd be uncontainable with that one. I just can't help it, it's all gone straight to my head.

The thing is, it's not such a problem cutting the badges out of my screen, but sewing them onto my sleeve has annihilated my finger prints - which might be useful when I make Diamond. I'll need the necklace, won't I? And I know just the one ... Sooo - for my next heist!

No, DON'T FRET, INTERPOL - I won't! - a girl-in-a-garret's got to dream. Thank you EzineArticles - I'll creep much more if you give me badges.

Karen Nazmi


"EzineArticles.com provides a wonderful way to get your knowledge to many people."

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Shirley Slick

For anyone who feels strongly about an issue or is an expert on any topic, EzineArticles.com provides a wonderful way to get your knowledge to many people. EzineArticles offers over 700 categories, so there is most likely a category to fit your knowledge. Check out this site. While you are there, put my name in the search window to see my bio and a listing with summaries of all the articles I have written. As of today, I have written and had published 234 articles and those articles have been read over 19,400 times at EzineArticles. Bloggers and editors from other companies can request to publish these articles elsewhere. I have 284 of those publishers. There is no way to know how many times my articles have been read on those other sites. What is surprising to me about that 19,400 number is that I write about MATHEMATICS! This is not a high demand category! Give this lots of thought. If this math person can write articles, YOU can write articles! Share your knowledge.

Shirley Slick


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