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The following published expert authors have been gracious to share with us why they submitted their articles to our directory and what they got out of the experience. None of them have been paid for their endorsement.

"My Staffing Agency Is Growing and Flourishing"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Debra Fortosis

EzineArticles.com is undoubtedly the top ezine online. You set the gold standard and all other ezines simply follow your example. Partly due to your website, my babysitting, nanny, and senior care staffing agency is growing and flourishing in greater Sarasota, Florida. Thanks for helping me get high Google rankings and find more satisfied clients!

Debra Fortosis


"Quality Articles Placed on Ezinearticles.com Deliver Consistently"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author John Highman

EzineArticles has been and will remain a big part of my marketing strategy online. It delivers, over and over, quality visitors to my website and landing pages.

Online marketing success is created today by a number of things; the value of content in attracting subscribers and visitors remains high and that is why quality articles placed on EzineArticles.com deliver consistently.

The process of working with the team at EzineArticles.com is easy and direct. Get started with article marketing today.

John Highman


"Exposure Here on EzineArticles.com Is a Phenomenal Gain"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author DeKesha Williams

The opportunity to gain exposure here on EzineArticles.com is a phenomenal gain. I've contributed several articles and humbled by the amount of times my articles have been shared.

I was eagerly thrilled to see those same articles used on different sites across the world of the Internet. I thank you, EzineArticles, and to each of our readers and followers.

DeKesha Williams


"This Platform Has Given Me the Needed Support"

EzineArticles has helped me a lot in gaining a professional status as a writer. This platform has given me the needed support as well as confidence. Thanks a lot!

Kaliyath Achutha Kumar

"EzineArticles Is a Must-Have Asset in Your Marketing Arsenal"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Ron Cripps

EzineArticles.com is the most effective article directory online today; it was when I first started marketing back in 2003 and will be well into the future.

The support and help you receive is fast and the articles are always of a very high quality site wide.

I highly recommend EzineArticles to anyone wanting to receive exposure for their website; it's a must have asset in your marketing arsenal.

Ron Cripps


"Valuable Customers in a Short Time Gained"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Lisa Alfrejd

EzineArticles is meticulous as they cull authors' submissions to vet or not. Its aim is obviously quality. We have had almost the same number of hits from our articles to our website as we have on the articles themselves. That is amazing. We have also gained a few very valuable customers in a short time. Thanks much!

Lisa Alfrejd


"Unwavering Dedication to Quality Submissions"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Shalisha Alston

I have been a member of EzineArticles since 2008. From the beginning I was impressed with EzineArticles' professional standards. I'm an affiliate marketer. I have submitted over 100 articles that have brought lots of traffic and sales to my site. What I love most about EzineArticles is their unwavering dedication to quality submissions. I will continue to use EzineArticles as my #1 platform for targeted, quality traffic.

Shalisha Alston


"An Opportunity to Share My Expertise With the World"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Lewis Harrison

I have found EzineArticles a valuable tool for marketing my company and for giving me an opportunity to share my expertise with the world.

Lewis Harrison


"Believe Me You Won't Be Disappointed"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Larry C. Pickett

I am an end-user of EzineArticles. In a nutshell, it's an outstanding website! I have connected with professionals both nationally and globally. I simply can't say enough good things about this site. It has enhanced my network. Moreover, I'm proud of its quality content -- EzineArticles is second to none. Check into this website, believe me you won't be disappointed.

Larry C. Pickett

"Fair and Easy"

EzineArticles.com Expert Author Joe T. White

It has really sharpened my writing skills. I find the acceptance fair and easy. It has taught me the principle of saying the same thing with less words! Love it.

Joe T. White


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