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Listen in as I interview Jeff Herring, The Article Guy and article marketing authority!

Perfect for first time online entrepreneur and seasoned authors or those wishing to unlock the article marketing code.

Tuesday, October 25th
7-8pm CST USA time

Jeff Herring, The Article Guy
Jeff Herring
Guest Article Marketing Expert

You're only one click away from learning Article Marketing Secrets such as:

  • How to get started writing articles in less time
  • How to take your prospect from READER to CUSTOMER/SUBSCRIBER via articles
  • Jeff's 5 Step Process For Article Marketers
  • Strategies to get your prospect to visit your website
  • Biggest hurdles that almost everyone has to overcome to crank out quality articles
  • Formulating your basic Article Marketing & Writing strategy
  • Mistakes that newbie article writers make and that you should avoid at all costs
  • Secrets to writing articles that get published
  • Short-cuts to writing articles that allow you to produce double the quanity and quality of your nearest competitor
  • Credibility boosters that you can weave into your article writing strategy
  • ...and more Article Writing secrets designed to help you get into massive action by tonight!
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