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Sexy High Heels Need Sexy Feet

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When I wear my favorite red high heels I have to know that my feet are looking their best. I love high heels, shoes that make me feel great about my legs make me feel good all over.

When you put on some gorgeous high heels people will notice and they will also notice your feet so they must look as good as your shoes. Instead of spending your hard earned money at a salon you can do your own pedicure and save your cash for new shoes!

To do your own pedicure requires that you gather some simple and inexpensive tools for the job and these are:

- Nail varnish remover
- Cotton wool
- A bowl of warm water
- A rough sponge
- A foot file

To get the best results from your DIY pedicure there is some preparatory work to be done first and these cheap tools will be all you need.

Prepare your feet by first removing any old nail varnish using the nail varnish remover and cotton wool, you can buy special sticks with cotton wool on but we are saving money, right? Be sure to get into the edges and corners by the cuticles and thoroughly clean your nails.

Once you have done this soak your feet in a bowl of warm water for five to ten minutes, this is a treat in itself so make the most of it. Once the skin is softened massage your feet all over with the rough sponge, this does two jobs in one, it relaxes your poor tired feet and exfoliates the dead skin cells leaving the skin looking fresh and soft.

Dry your feet thoroughly especially between the toes and then you are ready for the foot file. Foot files generally have a rough and a smoother side, use the rough side first and then turn it over to finish the job. Concentrate on the heels, balls of your feet and the area underneath the big toes.

When you are satisfied that you have gotten rid of the old, ugly dead skin then you can begin to bring those little tootsies back to gorgeousness. Use a good quality foot moisturiser and work it right into the skin. Take your time to do this step as it feels good and the deeper you get the cream into your skin the better.

Now you need the next set of tools which are:

- Cuticle sticks, some call them orange sticks
- Nail file
- Nail buffer
- Nail coat base
- Nail varnish.

Use the cuticle sticks to gently push the cuticles up and around the base of the nail, the idea is to get a smooth and crisp line around the top of the nail, this will give your nails length.

When you are happy with the look of your cuticles you can then trim your nails with a special clipper or with a pair of nail scissors. Care should be taken to only cut the nails straight across, cutting down the sides can lead to very painful ingrowing toe nails. After you have trimmed the nails use a nail file to smooth the cut edges.

Next you will want to use the nail buffer to get the surface of the nail as smooth as possible. This will give the nail base coat and eventually the varnish a good surface on which to adhere. The finished product will then be stronger, more shiny and resistant to chipping. Now you are ready to paint.

The first coat of varnish should always be a base primer coat, this will prpare the surface and allow the top coat to go on smoothly and without ripples. Take the brush and dip it into the base, wipe off excess against the side of the bottle, you do not want to overload it. Use three strokes, center, one side and then the other, use a finger nail or cuticle stick to remove any that gets onto the skin on your toe.

Now, be patient, the base coat needs to dry thoroughly and that will take twenty minutes to half an hour. Do not be tempted to try and hurry it along by using a hairdryer, most varnishes are extremely flammable and you do not want to set your pinkies alight.

When the base coat is dry use the same method of three strokes to apply the top coat, one coat is usually all that is required but allowing the same amount of time to pass and applying a second layer of varnish can make the color deeper and more vibrant. I love to use a wicked and very glamorous cherry shade to go with my red high heels.

So, there you have it, a professional looking pedicure for lots less money and a nice bit of 'me' time into the bargain. When your feet look their absolute best come to my site and find some gorgeous sexy stiletto shoes.

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