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Decrease Clutter and Decrease Stress - Decide to Decide

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Expert Author Meggin McIntosh

Do you ever have any trouble making a decision?  Is it possible that one of the times when you have trouble making a decision is when you are trying to decide whether or not to toss an item or to keep it?  Do you think you are alone in this?  Hmmmm...probably not.  But, you can change, I promise. 

As Barbara Hemphill says, "Clutter is postponed decisions®."  When you get ready to start clearing the clutter (so you can reduce the stress in your life), decide to decide.  Here's what I mean by that:  Make an absolute determination that you will make a decision about whether to keep a particular item or get rid of it.  If you decide to get rid of the item (book, file, plasticware, jar, clothing, or whatever), you can then decide to throw it away, give it away, recycle it, shred it, or any other possible option you come up with. 

The main idea is to decide to decide rather than to push it aside with some thought that you'll decide later.  Good grief.  How embarrassing!  Leaders are decision makers and so I hope you view yourself as strong enough to make a decision.  Really!

Often, if you have hired or somehow commandeered a 'helper,' then you can ask that person to remind you that you made the commitment to decide to decide.  Therefore, if s/he sees you grab a book, file, or picture and then just put it over in a 'later' pile, you can give him/her permission to force you into making a decision.  You can let your assistant know that you want the extra push to decide so you aren't just procrastinating.  

Your physical space (closet, desk, office, kitchen drawers, garage, etc.) got cluttered because decisions weren't made.  It's time now.  Make the decisions and reclaim your space and your life.  I'm actually not overstating the power of decluttering.   

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