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Today's Greatest Political Challenge: Making It Personal, Rather Than Politics!

Many political observers, from casual ones, to those, with a professional discipline in this area (in order to possess, some degree ofmore

Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Eating - The Top 3 Ways to Easily Remove Added Sugar From Your Diet

Sugar is found in just about everything! It is so hard to pick up any packaged food items and not see some form of hidden sugar listed inmore

Exercises and Workouts - How To Get More From Your Treadmill Training

If you are someone who is interested in getting fit and improving your heart health, walking, jogging, or running might be a natural choicemore

Take Them Up, Take Them Down, Take Them All Around (We All End Up In The Same Place)

Enlightenment is someplace we all end up ultimately. We all take different roads to it though. Some long, some short, some bumpy, somemore

Discover The Tips That Can Lead You To A Prosperous Affiliate Marketing Strategy

If it's affiliate marketing that you want to learn about then you have come to the right place. When it comes to affiliate marketing it'smore

The Beauty of Bangles

Bangles bring beauty of their own to any wrist. But choosing the right bangle for creating a fashion statement is tough. So, go through this guide that explains why every bangle is special and which one will fit your style the most.more

An Insight Into the Different Sectors of the Healthcare Industry

Health has always been one of the major factors determining the growth magnitudes of the economy of any country. The margin between amore

Helping You Better Understand Leadership With These Simple To Follow Tips

Having good leadership skills is important if you are in charge of one person or 500 people. Good communication, people skills and manymore

Simple Strategies That The Pros Use In The Forex Market

Investing in Forex can be an anxious and risky endeavor. This is because of the volatile nature of the market due to the fact that it is the world's most actively traded market and operates 24 hours a day. However, this does not mean it ismore

Child Abuse: Is It A Surprise That Some Parents Deny They Were Abusive?

If someone comes to see that their early years were a time when they were not treated very well, there are a number of things that can takemore

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MJ Schrader

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MJ Schrader uses various educational techniques to help people reach their full potential. Her mission statement is "Making Your Inner Rockstar... more

Dr. Frank P Lanzisera

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Dr. Frank Lanzisera has practiced in Tampa Bay for 30 years. He is the co-author of "Wheat Gluten the Secret to Losing Belly Fat & Regaining Health" ... more

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Annissa Coy has been in the Restoration and Education Industry for over a decade. She ran her own million dollar full service Restoration Business... more

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About Ntathu, The Author Ntathu Allen enjoys teaching yoga and meditation to super- busy women to help you relax and find moments of calm during... more

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Tim Nelson prides himself on being a CPA with a sense of humor. Under all the excel spreadsheets and payroll forms, Nelson finds a way to make sense... more

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Krystalina Soash is a Spanish, English, American Sign Language Interpreter and Ghostwriter with two published works. Her published works are: "Your... more

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